A Sacred Moment

A few years ago I visited the hospice of a dear older man named Bruce. I knew Bruce my entire life as a much loved and respected man in our church community. Bruce lived an amazing and long life … crazy stories, a WWII veteran, captured and miraculous escape from execution in Papua New Guinea. A life committed to God … beautiful family, a loving and lasting love story with his beloved Pat who gives me a hug and a kiss every Sunday.

When I visited Bruce at the hospice he was in during his final days. I brought my violin and played some hymns for him as he lay in his bed. 15-20 minutes or so, maybe more I played. During this time a sense of wonder and intangible peace filled the room. In what is usually a time of sadness and imminent death, it was the complete and total opposite. As I played the notes to Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross and other songs, God filled that room with His presence, so tangible I could never deny it. Spine-tingling, hair-raising … a heart strangely warmed and overwhelming joy.

Bruce would have a conversation with us and continue the conversation as though God and His angels were in the same room. One foot on earth and one in heaven … literally crossing over from his earthly life to his eternal life.

This encounter at Bruce’s bedside affected me deeply as I feared dying almost irrationally. It would keep me up at night … the fear of taking my last breath, dying too young, getting sick or having an accident. From that day my fear of death was completely broken as I witnessed dear Bruce at total peace with such complete assurance of where he was going. A moment that will be etched in my memory forever.

Instead of a time of sadness and fear, I saw the complete opposite. A peace that was palpable, a man confident, assured and FULL of Joy.! What a beautiful picture it was that should be the norm, but heartbreakingly so often is not the case. Too often death and sickness is a time of fear, chaos, hopelessness and darkness.  Through this encounter at Bruce's bedside the purpose for SACRED was formed.

An'idea' I had 9 years prior to make a 'crossover' inspirational album with hymns and sacred classical melodies was transformed from 'a nice idea' that would be a meaningful soundtrack to people's personal prayer time, to what I now know was God's divine inspiration. To minister to people who are sick, who are suffering physically, mentally and those close the end of their human life. 

I needed to create something that captured that sacred moment I shared with Bruce. The essence of music and songs directly from the heart. Songs of intercession … songs of prayer and peace … songs of comfort and assurance. 

Woven throughout the scriptures, music plays a significant role in breakthrough, healing, comfort in people's lives and situations. It is no doubt to me that there is power in prayer-filled, faith-filled music and that it has that same  power today to be used by God to answer prayers, bring comfort and deep peace to those desperately needing an encounter.

SACRED is something tangible you can give to someone who is searching or facing a deep trouble.  A sonic soundscape of prayer-filled improvisation between violin & piano. Hundreds of years of prayers represented through these beautiful hymns. Amazing Grace, It Is Well With My Soul, The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23) O Lord You're beautiful, Great Is Thy faithfulness, O Holy Night. 

It is my joy to officially launch my little offering SACRED and trust that it will find it’s way into the right hands. It is my prayer that our wonderful Father will reveal His loving presence and embrace through it.

I am really looking forward to hearing your story of how SACRED has impacted you.


Niki xo